War never sleeps

Words from the film Nuit et brouillard still stay with me.

Just one of those songs

It’s Alain Bashung singing La Nuit Je Mens, it’s Alain Bashung singing a song that you instantly know will go with you for a lifetime, it’s Alain Bashung singing just one of those songs.

Two Sarahs

Michael Gray has a wife named Sarah. So did Dylan.

Strengthening the axis of evil

The Idiot President's horrible track record continued.

Greedy pigs corrupting sports

I don't feel like watching big sports events, such as the Olympics, anymore.

Macron's Europe

I welcome any initiative that lessens Europe’s dependence on Trump’s America.

Freedom of the frozen lake

And you are a little boy sitting on a bank of wet snow at the lakeside, nose running, fingers fumbling with the laces, eyes escaping to the ice, eager to join the others there.