Oi Honolulu
Siellä olla saa kuin zulu
Nenässä rengas kuin heilläkin
Siellä sellaiset on aatteet
Että heitetään pois vaatteet
Tule Honoluluun, paratiisihin

Songs & Places

Songs & Places is a website of songs with place names and nothing but place names as titles. Every song on the site can be played on Spotify. To play, click a song title or a green disc like this , and you will be taken to a song page with an embedded Spotify player.

Then and now

The precursor to this site was a comment thread on Facebook started for fun among family in December 2012, where we set one hundred titles as a goal. We reached that easily, of course, and soon after that I began this website. A more ambitious goal of 500 titles was reached on 12 August, 2016.

Latest titles

Tirana by GNR | 6.11.18

Erevan by Radiodervish | 5.11.18

Essentuki by Aleksander Gorodnitsky | 4.11.18

Patagonia by Nadav Vikinski | 3.11.18

Santo Domingo by Phil Ochs | 3.11.18

and related songs

Berliini by Kohina | 5.11.18 | go to title

Berliini by Teppo Vapaus | 4.11.18 | go to title

California by Tom Paxton | 3.11.18 | go to title

Thanks to

The following people have contributed songs to the site. Thanks go to all of them: Essi P, Janne V, Jouni T, Karipekka B, Kimmo S, Lasse, Matti H, Merja, Mirja, Pieta, Seppo O, Tero, Timo.