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Change on the leaderboard

Actually, there's no leaderboard anywhere on the site. But if there were, there would be a remarkable change to be seen. Teijo Joutsela ja Humppa-Veikot, so long the top artists when it comes to the number of songs listed, have dropped to 2nd place. The new leaders are Brazzaville, an American group whose songs have been so successfully harvested by Mr. Seppo O.

Brazzaville now have 12 songs, Teijo Joutsela ja Humppa-Veikot have 11. The 3rd place is occupied by Beirut, who certainly have lived up to the promise of their name by having 9 songs. In addition, they have one related track, so that's ten in all for them.

All this, naturally, is of no consequence to anything at all but the site owner's curiosity.

24.5.16 | tommisal

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