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After holding the top position for nearly two years, Brazzaville are now facing the bitter truth. They have been dethroned. Dethroned by Aleksander Gorodnitsky, that globetrotter extraordinaire, whose travels far and wide, over land and sea, have given rise to a remarkable range of songs with place-name titles. A range much more remarkable than that of his tunes, one can't help noticing.

Gorodnitsky now has 13 titles (and more to come), thus leaving Brazzaville behind by one title. Brazzaville is followed in the race by Beirut and the Finnish non-neutral Olympic artists Teijo Joutsela ja Humppa-Veikot. Though they still sit tied for third, things do look bad for them, as they haven't moved for ages. You can't really know but maybe summoning them back from the land of the dead would be needed to keep the Finnish colours flying.

All this, naturally, is of no consequence to anything at all but the site owner's curiosity.

24.3.18 | tommisal

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