Songs & Places favourites

There are three basic criteria that a song must meet to be included on this site. Personal preference is not one of them. That means that there are songs here that are not necessarily my first favourites nor those of the other contributors. Then there are other kinds of songs. This page is dedicated to some of them.

The following 9 songs have been elevated to the status of an S&P favourite! To listen on Spotify, click on the green disc.

Edinburgh | Woodpigeon | |

The solemnly sombre intro contrasting with the acoustic guitars and the light, delicate voices following it; the singers' lines working almost as rhythmic elements while carrying the melody; the beautifully elusive lyrics that linger with you, lyrics that songwriter Mark Andrew Hamilton has described as kind of sweeping storytelling.

There's nothing in the lines to link the song to Edinburgh, to any place. But no worry: the song is an ode to Arthur’s Seat, the biggest hill in the city, Hamilton has said. It well deserves a place here, it deserves a fave.

Hanoï | La Grande Sophie | | | Contributor: Seppo O

A beautiful, wistful modern chanson by Sophie Huriaux. See glimpses of the many faces of today's Hanoi and its people in this excellent, strangely touching music video.

Helsinki | Anna Järvinen | |

Anna Järvinen, Swedish singer-songwriter of Finnish origins, singing her love and longing for Helsinki. A marvellous song.

Imatrankoski | Pariisin Kevät | |

YouTubessa sanottua:
... jag förstår inte ett ord. men jag älskar det!
I fucking love this song. I heard it on my hotel room in Helsinki in July 11.

Ja totta, tässä laulussa on jotain ihmeellistä. Alkaa kuin virsi, hiljenee lopulta kuin virsi. Siinä välissä, vahvan bassotaustan päällä, laulu kulkee oudon keveänä, oudon kutsuvana. Ja sanat: Mihin valmis? Keiden enkelten?

Kalevankangas | Hauli Bros | | | Contributor: Tero

Harjurock-bändin koskettava biisi vanhuksesta, joulusta ja Kalevankankaan tuhansista kynttilöistä

Kottbusser Tor | Rolf Zacher | |

A no-go area for tourists after sundown, a trouble spot for Berliner Polizei, Kottbusser Tor is where Rolf Zacher comes to the end of a relationship. A story half-spoken, half-sung over a beautiful background of music by Martin Bechler. An economy of means making a wealth of impact.

New York | Melissa Horn | |

I hadn't heard of Melissa Horn until I added this song. New York is a beautiful and sensitive account of a grueling moment in a forbidden game.

Times Square | Marianne Faithfull | | | Contributor: Seppo O

A brilliant piece. Everything is just right on this track, every word, every accent "screaming New York despair", as someone on put it.

Värmland | Christer Lindén | |

Christer Lindén, musician and poet, singing his forceful, angered account of goings-on in his native Värmland, in the very heart of Sweden. A song with an impact, a song that grows on you. Ack Värmeland.